• Takamasa Kawasaki

    Takamasa Kawasaki

    Founder & Director

    Taka is Odigo’s founder, bringing his wealth of experience managing and driving growth in large multi-national corporations to a startup environment. He also wears another hat as CEO of Redhorse Corporation, a listed company on the Taipei Exchange.

  • Chris Okano

    Chris Okano

    CEO & Director

    Chris was born in London, raised in Los Angeles and now currently living in Tokyo, Japan. Being 3/4 Japanese, he always had a passion for Japanese culture which eventually lead him to Odigo Japan. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, boxing and making YouTube videos for his channel, OkanoTV. Coworkers describe Chris as a random, positive, happy ball of energy. Oh, and he LOVES ice cream.

  • Ian Rudd

    Ian Rudd


    Ian was born and raised in Essex, England and has been living in Tokyo since 2010. Prior to moving to Japan, he worked in London as a software engineer for AIG and the British Government. An avid ‘hoop-aholic’, Ian can often be found playing on one of Tokyo’s many basketball courts

  • Kentaro Yabu

    Kentaro Yabu


    I have been engaged in financial accounting work for about 13 years. The fun for weekends of mine is to play with my two cats at home, watching professional baseball and drinking with my wife on the way home from work.

  • Daniel Liu

    Daniel Liu

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Daniel was born in Taiwan, and moved to Japan when he was 18 to complete his studies. He has lived in the southern, central and eastern parts of Japan, and is big on adventure – he recently checked skydiving off his to-do list and is looking forward to more!

  • Hideo Noguchi

    Hideo Noguchi

    Business Development Manager

    Born and raised in Japan, Hideo has lived in many cities including Shizuoka, Osaka, Sapporo, Sendai and Tokyo. He has vast experience in the travel industry and has visited many countries.

  • Mitsumoto Suzuki

    Mitsumoto Suzuki

    Business Development Associate

    Mitsumoto hails from Taiwan, where he worked with the country’s largest internet travel agency. When he’s not working to bridge the gap between Japan, Taiwan and the world at Odigo, he enjoys music and Netflix.

  • Tomohiro Nakagawa

    Tomohiro Nakagawa

    Business Development Manager

    Tomohiro was born in Tokyo, raised in Shiga prefecture until he graduated from university. He has been working in sales and digital marketing since he started his career. At Odigo, he comes up new ideas and execute to grow our business. In his free time, he loves playing soccer, reading books, seeking new ideas, and having fun with his son.

  • Marielle Bogucka

    Marielle Bogucka

    Business Development Manager

    Marielle is half Japanese and half Polish. She was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland and moved to Japan at the end of 2013. She started of working in Retail as a Manager, then Consultant in IT sector of recruitment firm, now as a Business Development Manager at Odigo. Her passions are music (singing), sports (golf, fitness-boxing, horse riding, surfing), traveling and reading books. Marielle loves meeting new people and she is a positive minded person who enjoys working in a wonderful Odigo team!

  • Omar


    Product Marketing Manager

    Born and raised in London, Omar moved to Japan to experience life at a different pace after completing his Master’s degree. At Odigo, he spends his time cooking up snazzy corporate photos and videos.

  • Jon Mulligan

    Jon Mulligan

    Web Engineer

    Originally from Bristol UK, Jon moved to Japan in 2016 and has been exploring ever since. Despite being the youngest member of the Odigo team, he has experience building a global Music Streaming platform and e-commerce websites for some of the UK’s biggest outdoor brands. If he’s not working at his computer, you’ll probably find him snowboarding down some of Japan’s powdery pistes.

  • Aymen Rebouh

    Aymen Rebouh

    iOS Developer

    Aymen is from Marseille, France. After a few trips in Japan, he decided to join Odigo as a travel lover and help people making the best of their trip in Japan. At Odigo, he’s taking care of the Odigo iOS application. He’s doing his best spreading positive vibes around him with jokes and singing. And when it’s not enough, he’s making people happy with an amazing homemade Tiramisu!

  • Elisa Kurniawan

    Elisa Kurniawan

    Digital Marketing Associate

    Elisa is from Indonesia and did her Visual Communications degree in Singapore. She loves the Japanese language and breathes design, illustration and coffee.

  • Wu Yan

    Wu Yan

    Digital Marketing Associate

    Wu Yan is from China, and moved to Japan as an exchange student during her sophomore year. As her passion for travel grew, so did her love for Japan and its unique culture. Through Odigo, Wu Yan wishes to share and promote the beauty of Japan with travellers all over the world.